Welcome to Iron Lotus [iLotus]! This is a long standing online community that has “core” members who have been gaming with one another for over five years, picking up amazing new gamers along the way. We are an experienced, vibrant and active community that values its members and strive to be competitive in PvP while enjoying PvE content. Looking for a community that fits your gaming style? Maybe this could be that home for you!

Iron Lotus: The meaning behind IRON is strength, good health, and the capability to endure. The LOTUS is a flower with multiple symbolic meanings, mainly being the growth of a beautiful flower in muddy and murky water. These two words go hand in hand standing for strength, endurance and growth. As gamers, we have all started out clueless. However, we are players who strive to better themselves and gamers around them. Through these adventures we grow in skill and chemistry with one another using our individual strengths to compliment each others’ weaknesses.

What can you expect from iLotus? You can expect an active and social place to call home, with plenty of seasoned gamers to answer any and all questions; as well as an organized and structured game environment.

What iLotus expects from you: We are an adult community that has a sense of humor with an understanding of respect for one another. iLotus has a variety of gamers from many places in the world, with different backgrounds and lifestyles. We ask for your understanding, respect and most importantly that you have fun gaming in this community!


Games we’re currently Playing: Elder Scrolls Online

Games we have played:

- FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

- Guildwars 1 & 2

- World of Warcraft

- [DoTA2] Defense of the Ancients 2

- [HoN] Heroes of Newerth

- Aion

- Tera

- Cabal

- Requiem

- Smite

- Neverwinter

- Requiem: Blo0dymare

- Chronicles of Spellborn

- Age of Conan

- Allods

- Diablo 2 & 3

- RF:Online

- League of Legends